Smyly – “Zombies” [Feat. Young Rich & Chilla Jones]

SMYLYYOUNG RICH_CHILLA JONESToday the archive classik post is from Smyly (aka Mr. Flooded Out) who has been known for screaming “Flooded Out” as his slogan. The song is called “Zombies”. The track features guest appearances from Boston’s own Young Rich and Chilla Jones.


When asked what the song signifies, Smyly had this to say:

“This song is about the most common thing in this industry… feeding off other emcee’s brains. Everyday another emcee makes a hit that keeps the industry going setting the standards higher as far as creativity goes. Me, I’m a full-blooded zombie to this industry because I have the ability to feed off any emcee I come across and make a hit out of anything, that’s rare nowadays… therefore I am a Hip-Hop zombie.”

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Funky Fresh Radio Recap [Here’s What You Missed…]

I tuned into Funky Fresh Radio Uncut about a half hour into the show last night. I’m not sure what I missed but I fell in on Rusti (aka Funky Fresh) suggesting that there might be a job opening on Funky Fresh Radio soon. From what I can tell he was talkin’ to 5th. My guess would be that 5th said  something that rubbed Funky Fresh the wrong way…lol. I wish I had heard it. Funky Fresh be askin’ for it sometimes, lol. Damn, if I had only tuned in 30 seconds earlier…

While chewing out 5th Funky Fresh didn’t miss the chance to send subliminal shots at the competition either. He suggested that there may be openings over there at “the Lunchpad” [JAMN 94.5 Unsigned Artist Show]. Damn, then Rusti took shots at another Boston radio station saying…”It used to be hot out. It used to be ’97” [HOT97 Boston]. I don’t know where all this is going but if it ends in good music and more exclusives then I’m widdit. For the record, I’m glad that Rusti is putting pressure on other radio stations that claim to represent the city. I guess for now, Funky Fresh Radio is the standard.

Anyway, the show was hot. There was atleast two exclusives that I thought should stayed undiscovered but the rest the show was worthy of praise. The song that stood out to me the most was (a new release?) King (I think that was the name) by Young Niles. The song also stood out to Mr. Funky Fresh who took time to analyze some of the lyrics. The stand out lyrics in question were: I got a bag of that Funky Fresh/And I aint talkin’ bout Rusti

LMAO, Funky Fresh said that the record was “incredible” but he wasn’t sure how he should feel about that last line. The show ended with a new release from 5th (3030 Hustle Boys) called  “On My Rondo”. I’m still searching for a link to it. I’ll post as soon as I get it.