Chilla Jones : The Art Of The Scheme

Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme (Animated Interview)


“The Art Of The Scheme” is an animated interview that helps visualize a sit down interview Battle Rap News did with one of the best writers in Battle Rap, Chilla Jones. Chilla Jones breaks down the science behind writing his schemes and gives back-story to why he has become known as an incredible writer in the world of Battle Rap.

Chilla Jones 7



Chilla Jones [vs Daylyt] Bar Break Down


Chilla Jones Breaks Down His Bars For Daylyt “Round 1”

CJCity interviews Chilla after his battle with Real Deal. Chilla speaks on how the battle came out and then the interview goes into a bar for bar breakdown. Chilla explains  the meaning behind some his bars that he used against Quill. Peep:
Chilla 2