Chilla Jones : The Art Of The Scheme

Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme (Animated Interview)


“The Art Of The Scheme” is an animated interview that helps visualize a sit down interview Battle Rap News did with one of the best writers in Battle Rap, Chilla Jones. Chilla Jones breaks down the science behind writing his schemes and gives back-story to why he has become known as an incredible writer in the world of Battle Rap.

Chilla Jones 7


Chilla Jones Is Looking For Lyricists



Chilla Jones is working a new video series centered around emcees dropping verses acapella style. He has posted a video on his channel in which he calls upon  all lyricists from the greater Boston area to send in their best footage [can be song format/Music Video or just a quick 16 on cam]. Watch the video below for more details:

Chilla Jones Cypher Series

Subject: Cypher Series

The Cypher Series will be all acapella (no beat, just bars).
Each cypher will separate artists into groups of 4 (grouping to be decided later)

Submissions end March 1st..


Smyly – “Zombies” [Feat. Young Rich & Chilla Jones]

SMYLYYOUNG RICH_CHILLA JONESToday the archive classik post is from Smyly (aka Mr. Flooded Out) who has been known for screaming “Flooded Out” as his slogan. The song is called “Zombies”. The track features guest appearances from Boston’s own Young Rich and Chilla Jones.


When asked what the song signifies, Smyly had this to say:

“This song is about the most common thing in this industry… feeding off other emcee’s brains. Everyday another emcee makes a hit that keeps the industry going setting the standards higher as far as creativity goes. Me, I’m a full-blooded zombie to this industry because I have the ability to feed off any emcee I come across and make a hit out of anything, that’s rare nowadays… therefore I am a Hip-Hop zombie.”

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